Date: Jun.10th,2019

Picona Creative Studio comes back to MIFA2019!

新しいスラップスティックアニメーションティーザー「Midnight Crazy Trail」がMIFA Video Libraryで掲載中です!
ぜひJAPANブース4.A00 でお会いしましょう!


"Midnight Crazy Trail", Picona Creative Studio's new slapstick animation teaser is now on MIFA Video Library!
Please check that to schedule a meeting with Picona at JAPAN booth, 4.A00!
Picona Creative Studio comes back to MIFA2019 with its brand new slapstick animation show, "Midnight Crazy Trail".




Undergoing the training of a bride in the world where ordinary human being lives, Makina must marry a devil according to the regulation of the Witch tribe. Marrying someone she doesn't like or even a devil, Makina is completely reluctant to do it! Thus, she started the journey to abandon her magical power. The deadline is the end of the bride's training.
Will she be able to abandon her magical power and turn into a ordinary girl successfully?