Character introduction






The Oddball


Mila doesn’t have a large range of emotions. She’s a little sleepy, and very odd. She may not make a lot of sense, or seem like she’s from another planet, but she means well and cares about her friends. She can also be a little clumsy, or unaware of her surroundings. Knocking things over, or breaking things seems to be a regular occurrence for Mila. She has a lot of peculiar ideas about the world, and very unique philosophies. Enne and Lulu, often don’t see it from her perspective, but they love her company nonetheless.

Her family runs a supermarket, and they often ask her to help out. They encourage her to work hard, but she’s very lazy. Even though Mila looks like she’s not paying attention, she’s totally in tune with the universe and sometimes notices things that even the others miss! She moves very slowly, but manages to catch up every time.

The other girls may say that they’re brave, but Mila actually is. She really has no fears or weaknesses! Whenever the other girls are panciking over a scary cockroach, or a creepy ghost, Mila is the one to save them all.


Sleeping, meditating, watching TV.


Cleaning, noise, bitter food.

Samurai Pirates