Character introduction

Captain Matthew

Captain Matthew




Bossy / Mr. Perfect


Former assistant of Enne’s father. He is entrusted with the Samurai’s Eye, and with the help of the Ometsuke, he sets out to find Enne. He grants her and her friends the ability to change into Samurai pirates with the power from the Samurai’s Eye.

Matthew is very good looking, and knows it. He’s a little self-absorbed and takes advantage of his looks when he needs something. The girls aren’t susceptible to his charm, since they just see him as an annoying big brother, but many others are. Whenever they’re in a bind, he always has a clever and cunning idea to overcome their obstacles. He controls everything the girls do, and tends to bark orders at them when they aren’t listening. He doesn’t have a lot of patience, and has a hot temper.

Matthew is also very traditional, and is constantly seeking perfection. He tries to fulfill the ideals of a renaissance man; he stays athletic, he reads and writes poetry, and he has great admiration for the arts. A lot of his values clash with the girls’, so he tends to lose his cool when they lounge around, watch TV, or eat ice cream instead of practicing.


Organization, order, poetry.


Chaos, laziness, gluttony.

Samurai Pirates