Character introduction






The Brains


She’s the smartest girl on the team. She loves computers, reading, creating new machines and experimenting with different kinds of science. There’s nothing that Lulu doesn’t know – you can ask her anything in the world and she’ll know the answer! She usually carries a digital device with her to look up information and make calculations. She has a gadget for anything and if she doesn’t, she’ll try to make one! Sometimes her inventions can get quite quirky, or difficult to use, but they always work the way she wants them to. She sometimes combines her gadgets with her other hobbies; like baking and cooking. She once made a machine that makes and decorates cakes. A real hit with all the Samurai Pirates!

She’s very sweet, calm and easy going. She’s polite and patient. In a way, she’s very different from Enne, but they’re best friends, maybe even because of their differences. She always urges Enne to consider things before committing to them, even if she knows Enne won’t listen.


Cooking, science, technology, reading.


The dark, scary movies, blood (she faints even when there’s a tiny bit of blood, like a nose bleed).

Samurai Pirates