Character introduction






Fearless Leader


Main protagonist, and reliable friend. She’s ambitious, headstrong and often acts before she thinks. She isn’t afraid of anything (except for insects, which she’s terrified of!) and is usually the one who takes charge. Her friends and teammates rely on her and look up to her. She’s the one to make the decisions for the group and encourages everyone when they’re feeling down. She’s an endless well of energy, positivity and enthusiasm. She’s charming, adorable and spunky; an irresistible character.w

She may not always make the right decisions, but Enne is always confident that things will work out. Whenever Enne makes a hasty decision, the team can feel like she’s moving too fast, but they always follow her anyway. And, if Enne does make the wrong decision, they may scold her for being rash, but at the end of the day they can’t hold a grudge against her.

Her mother passed away, when she was only three, and has never met her father. Despite not having a happy childhood, she overcame her adversity and became a Pop-idol sensation. Her singing and dancing, paired with her cheerful personality has made people across Takara very happy.


Desserts, spicy food, cute animals.


Negative or mean people, cold weather, insects.

Samurai Pirates